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Speaking of funny papers...

The Sangamon Star

In December of 2005 I launched a humor newspaper called The Sangamon Star in Sangamon County, Illinois. It appeared monthly until January 2007 then intermittently through 2009.

The paper was well received and had a peak circulation of 10,000 in a market where the alternative weekly (Village Voice clone) had 25,000 and the daily had 50,000.

The Sangamon Star is archived in the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Library in Springfield, Illinois, thus making me immortal. The Star was also mentioned favorably in a travel book by a British guy who discovered the paper when he was touring old Route 66.

I was editor, publisher, main writer, main photographer, paperboy, rack builder, ad salesman, and whatever else was required. I had a few excellent regular contributors and more than a few irregular contributors.

I used different phony by-lines in my articles, and so did most contributors, so you can't always tell which articles I wrote and which were written by contributors. The cartoonists used their real names, I think.

A popular feature of the Star was its many phony ads mixed in with the real ads. People actually read the ads in the Star because they didn't want to miss any of the gag ads. I wish I could have patented this gimmick. It helped ad sales immensely.

I was occasionally accused of imitating the Onion. That's ridiculous. I got the idea for a funny newspaper from the same place the Onion did, Mad Magazine. My own phony columnists were certainly influenced by the radio characters of Phil Hendrie. I only steal from the best.

The Sangamon Star archive:

















Feel free to publish articles from The Sangamon Star at no charge, provided you credit The Sangamon Star.

Please let me know when you use my material so I can brag about it.